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Ministry of Education.

Edith Chaney

Position: Ngā Manutaki (Regional Coordinator) – Te Tai Tokerau / Tamaki Makaurau

Phone: 027 452 7968

Email: edithc@waikato.ac.nz

Edith Chaney


I am one of the six newly appointed Regional Coordinators for the He Kākano Project. I have been in the education sector for over 20 years. My experiences range from classroom teacher, dean, sports coordinator, Head of Department (Physical Education) at McAuley Girls School to Deputy Principal, Queen Victoria Māori Girls School. My most recent role was as a Review Officer with the Education Review Office in Auckland. I reside in Auckland with my husband. My family consists of four children and two grandchildren. I have involved myself in a wide variety of community sectors. These have included being a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow recipient, past trustee and chairperson of the board at Epsom Girls Grammar School and Chairperson/committee member of the EGGS Whānau committee. I have also been chair and a trustee for a Māori Performing Arts Trust. I am a keen sportswoman and enjoy a variety of recreational pursuits that ensure a healthy work-life balance. I am looking forward to working alongside principals to develop culturally responsive leadership that results in improvements in Māori learners’ achievement.

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