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Ministry of Education.

Research and publications

Hynds, A., Meyer, l., Penetito, W., Averill, R., Hindle, R., Taiwhati, M., & Hodis, F. with Faircloth, S. & Hetherington, J.(2014). Evaluation of He Kākano: Professional development for leaders in secondary schools 2011-2012. Centre for Educational Research, Victoria University of Wellington.

NZ Research organisations

Education counts – Reports for projects undertaken in Māori-medium settings, English-medium settings, and both Māori-medium and English-medium.

NZCER journal articles – Search result showing research reports about Māori from 2010 to the present. For further resources or refinements, change the search parameters.

Education Review Office – Search result showing research reports about Māori. For further resources or refinements, change the search parameters.

Education Review Office (2010). Promoting success for Māori students: Schools' progress. Education Evaluation Reports: Wellington

Chapters in books

Martis, R., Hickey, C. & Robertson, V. (2000). Unpublished stories by students at MUCE; and Stamp, L. & Chacko, A. in Jalongo, M., Isenberg, J. & Gerbracht, G. (1995). PDF icon. Teachers' stories: From personal narrative to professional insight (PDF, 4 MB) . San Francisco: Jossey Bass Publishers.

Banks, J. (1997). Approaches to multicultural curriculum reform. In Banks, J. & McGee-Banks, C. (Eds). PDF icon. Multicultural education: Issues and perspectives (PDF, 8 MB) . (3rd ed.). Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

Journal articles

Simon, J. (1994). Historical perspectives on schooling. In Coxen, E., Jenkins, K., Marshall, J. & Massey, L. (Eds). PDF icon. The politics of learning and teaching in Aotearoa - New Zealand (PDF, 26 MB) . Palmerston North: Dunmore Press.

Lingard, B., Hayes, D., Martin, M. & Christie, P. (2003). PDF icon. Leading Learning (PDF, 9 MB) . Maidenhead, UK: Open University Press.

Smyth, J. (1991). PDF icon. Teachers as collaborative learners: Challenging dominant forms of supervision (PDF, 11 MB) . Buckingham, UK: Open University Press.

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