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Ministry of Education.

The He Kākano journey

The Principal of St Joseph’s Maori Girls College shares her perspectives of where school leaders need to start on the He Kākano journey.


I think it is an opportunity for leaders in schools to get to know their Māori students better, and their whānau, and their iwi, and the community and by doing so, raise the achievement of our Māori students. I think it’s going out and it’s what we call ‘kanohi ki te kanohi’, that is being visible, if you like, fronting-up, having the time to just converse, discuss with their students so that they’re seen and then they can see your body language.

In many respects it’s leadership having a finger on the pulse, leadership knowing their Māori students. I think they need to get back and, as a leader, you know your staff, so that you get on-board the staff that you would know will influence other members of staff.

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